The Super Rope Solution

2011-07-18 19:09:00 by grabbelfant

I'v finished my graduation film "the super rope solution" for more info go to

Auke de Vries

The Super Rope Solution


2009-07-09 18:47:47 by grabbelfant


I learned a lot 3D at school last 2 months. Cycle Is a result of that.

Í also put a showreel of work of the past year on my youtube acount Auke de Vries

I'm going on holiday in three days, So I won't be active for a while


I Finally Finnished the encounters project of my school. I like the animation. As always some things could have been better but I'm also happy that it went this well. Here is a screenshot.

Finnished the encounters project

I'm Back!!!

2007-12-28 07:45:21 by grabbelfant

I haven't submitted a flash in a long long time. But the time has come! I submitted a stopmotion entirely made of sprinkles! 'Sprinkles in the sky'

Some news about me:
- I'm in my first year of the academy of art
- My second year will be more animation
- I'm working on a new animation calles 'a rhino's stomach' (the picture contains some screenshots)

Grabbelfant / Auke de Vries

I'm Back!!!