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I'm not able to review

First add a working loader, that makes it possible to look at you're creation actually

Much effort, not much result

I like some parts but most of the parts just don't like

You can see that this took a long time to make. But you can also see that you aren't able to turn this all effort in a nice looking result. First of all, I don't like the style. I like sketchy style though. But this is rushed semi-sketch style. I know that the style you used takes more time than just collour it, And I even noticed some nice shadow work, but most of the time it is not done with the attention needed. The brush u used was a little bit to big sometimes. Animation can be very cool if you don't know how it is made. You recognice every brushstroke in your work.

Another thing. You said that you know that "there are a few mistakes with movements and everything". I agree, only there aren't a few mistakes, almost the whole movie is made out of mistakes. Walkcycles that doesn't walk the way they should. (even though I think you did take some time to study the way animals walk.) Your lines aren't smooth and mostly because of that the movements are not smooth, and therefore look crappy. I don't know if you used a tablet, If you didn't, you should, because that makes your lines a lot more on the right place most of the times. I like frame by frame work, some FbF animation in this movie wasn't to bad, but mainly because the lines were wobbly, it just didn't look right.

Another thing (again). The timing. Animation where you use voices is very difficult to make it sound right. You're timing is a little bit strange. Some parts look okay. But most of the time you wait to long. Especially in the conversations, and change in the moods of the characters. You should try to expiriment a little bit more with the timing, and if you think: yeah, that's right, you must keep it that way. Critic frome people around the corner are always helpfull. Timing is one of the most important things of animation. I know this, because I make the same mistakes as you do. Animation with voice-actors isn't a thing for me (yet). Lip sync was okay, but could have been better. The voice-actors could do a little more emotion in there voice. Oh and always add some backgroundsound, that would help. Anothere animation rule: if you change cameraview, don't make the character in first shot as big as the one in the second shot. Some camera angles you used where very good though.

The last thing. This is just a thing that I don't like about it, I know a lot of people around NG do like this sort of stuff. But I don't like the characters. I know you have seen the Lion King, And I know you like it. I also know you will say, that this is totally different, but I think this is just a Lion King rip off. I know that there are giant Cults around these things who like to make fan-art and create 'own' lions, but I don't see the creativity in that sort of stuff.

I don't want to discourage you, on the contrary. I can see you are able to put much effort in a animation, more than the avarage animator on newgrounds. But you need some feed-back on your work to improve it I think. A big production lik this would be much better than.

Good luck with it!

Jessismith responds:

Well, thanks for your input on this, Grabbelfont. I'll read your comment over a few times, and consider making some more changes to my movie....I was planning on doing that anyway. :)

hmmm... but... pfff

Okay, you made this because you were bored, and the song was good. The song was good, you got bored while making, I got bored while viewing

come on, peoples feet don't go up and down like that when they move. The story wasn't new. Like 20% of all NG movies are about superbadguys and some crazy demon and fighting. (I even made something like that) You could improve your drawingskills. The music was good, and you know how to tell a story, You could follow the whole (not very good) storyline.

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nice but unoriginal

Nice game, but nothing special. A mario-type game isn't creative or original. And the art is very bad drawn. You should make the collours not bright everywhere. Because you can't say what's the background and what isn't. I think you could do more

nice game

it's a nice game,but when you press the try again button you get a pop up. so that's why I give it a 4

niet speciaal

niet echt een origineel concept, de tekenkwaliteit is ook nog niet echt geweldig. Er zijn wel veel mogelijkheden en het klopt ook wel aardig vergleken met andere dress-games

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No pixelart

I voted 1 because this piece doesn't belong in the catagory 'pixel art'

Aran responds:

Sorry that I have DEEPLY offended you and will try my best to not make this TERRIFYING mistake again! I gave you're review a score of *useless* because you seem like a cunt.


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